Hazardous Area Inspection Services

As per IEC 60079-17 Standard:
All equipment installed in hazardous areas shall be under regular periodical inspection as a minimum and the interval between periodic inspections shall not exceed three years without seeking expert

We can offer well managed hazardous area electrical equipment maintenance inspection programs as per IEC 60079-17 standard for onshore oil and gas plants/facilities, Chemical, Steel, Petro-chemical, Pharmaceutical and Offshore oil and gas facilities. This includes but not limited to:

  • Preparation of Inspection and maintenance plan as per IEC 60079-17 for Operators/End users
  • Perform inspections (periodical / sample / continuous supervision) based on the approved maintenance plan.
  • Maintain all inspection records/reports in our robust customized Software which can be integrated into client's SAP or equivalent system if required.
  • Supplying RFID tags for assets and provide a comprehensive solution which integrates our software with handheld or mobile devices (PDA, IPAD, TABLETS, Smartphones etc.) for inspection.